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Repatriation to Israel

Репатриация в Израиль

Repatriation to Israel is the process of obtaining citizenship of the State of Israel on the basis of Jewish roots, also known as “aliyah.” A person with Jewish roots up to the third generation, including grandparents, can receive an “aliyah.” Not only direct descendants of Jews have the right to apply for citizenship, but also the second spouse and children. We will help you gather all the necessary documents and prepare an invitation to come to Israel. Please note that you do not need to make an appointment with the consul to obtain a repatriate visa and wait several months in line. In some countries, the queue may take years. In addition, the meeting with the consul itself is a stressful event, and people do not always get a visa on the first try.

Our specialists will meet you at the airport, help with accommodation and will accompany you at all stages of expedited processing of documents in government agencies, including registration, personal support and no queues!

As a result of our help you will receive:

  • teudat-zeut (identity card of a citizen) – an analogue of the internal passport for citizens of post-Soviet states;
  • teudat-ole (new repatriate certificate) – a document confirming the right to numerous benefits for Israeli citizens;
  • darkon(foreign passport) – a passport for travel abroad, which gives the right to visit 161 country without a visa (or visa in a simplified manner);
  • Israeli driver’s license of international standard. We facilitate the exchange of your driver’s license for Israeli;
  • health insurance and signing a contract with one of the best family doctors in Israel. Meeting with a family doctor in the first week of arrival. In the first 10 days there will be free check-up and analysis. After that, you will be scheduled visits to specialists. Israeli medicine is recognized as one of the best in the world and you can use it;
  • bank account;
  • queuing for social housing. New repatriates have the right to receive free housing from the state;
  • job search assistance. Many employment programs, advanced training courses, etc. have been developed;
  • nostrification of educational documents – the process of legalization of educational documents, which is necessary for the recognition of your diplomas in Israel for further employment in the specialty
  • assistance and advice on any issues for comfortable repatriation to Israel.

Israel welcomes all repatriates as members of one large family, whom they are always very happy about. You will feel supported and cared for at every stage of your integration.

Our task is to provide you with the most comfortable emigration to the historical homeland.

We are official representatives of “Posternak Law Office and Notary” in Ukraine. Website: www.posternak.co.il Address: 13 Ben Yehuda st., Jerusalem, HaTmarim avenue, Razin Center, Eilat, Israel.

Common repatriation issues:

  • The complexity of the process
  • Search and recovery of documents
  • Bureaucracy
  • Ignorance of language
  • Difficulty of orientation in an unfamiliar country
  • What will you get by contacting us?

  • Accelerated processing of documents
  • Free consultation
  • A clear understanding of the process
  • Save time and nerves
  • Personal support at each stage
  • How is the process going?

    Стрелочка вправо
    Analysis of the submitted documents
    Стрелочка вправо
    Signing the contract
    Стрелочка вправо
    Collection and preparation of necessary documents
    Стрелочка вправо
    Agreement with the office in Israel
    Стрелочка вправо
    Meeting in Israel
    Стрелочка вправо
    Registration of documents

    Advantages of living in Israel:

    • 20% speak Russian, in some cities – up to 50%;
    • employees of all government agencies, as well as ordinary people speak English;
    • absorption basket (cash payments from the state during the first 6 months);
    • compensation for rent for the first 12 months for citizens of Ukraine;
    • high social guarantees (old-age, unemployment, disability, maternity benefits, child benefits, etc.);
    • high level of qualification of doctors and technical support of hospitals, medical insurance;
    • high level of happiness (strict observance of civil rights, tolerance, low crime rate);
    • high level of education (diplomas of Israeli schools and universities are recognized worldwide);
    • visa-free entry to 161 countries (no visa required in the EU, which opens up a wide range of opportunities for travel and business, as well as visa facilitation for travel to the US);
    • citizenship does not require residence in Israel. You can leave immediately after receiving the documents, ie in 10 days;
    • although real estate prices are relatively high, this is more than compensated for by high living standards, very low interest rates on mortgages and loans, and it also creates a favorable investment background;
    • people in Israel are very sociable, friendly and decent. You will never be refused help;
    • documents can be renewed through Israeli embassies in other countries, it is not necessary to return to Israel;
    • availability of gorgeous beaches and the sea all year round without having to go anywhere. Not a well-known fact, but there is also a ski resort in Israel, where lovers of snow and winter holidays can be distracted from the hot climate and enjoy the winter coolness.


    Is it necessary to renounce current citizenship in order to obtain Israeli citizenship?

    No. Dual citizenship is allowed in Israel.

    Do I need to move to Israel for permanent residence to obtain a passport?

    No. It is enough to stay there for up to 14 days. During this time, we will issue you all the necessary documents and, if necessary, you can leave.

    Is a DNA test the basis for obtaining Israeli citizenship?

    A DNA test can confirm your Jewish roots, but it is not a basis for citizenship. The test can be done to confirm your assumptions about the roots and further search for documents proving Jewish origin.

    What to answer the question about religion?

    If you do not profess Judaism, it is better to tell everyone that you are a non-religious person.

    What support and benefits will I receive from the government in case of repatriation?

    -financial support from the Government of Israel in the amount of 6,000 to 15,000 shekels; -housing assistance program with compensation from 2,300 to 3,400 shekels to Olim (repatriates) from Ukraine for 12 months; -social benefits for old age, for the disabled, in connection with the loss of a breadwinner, for care, for mobility, to ensure a living wage; -Basket of integration (absorption) – financial assistance for the first 6 months in Israel with the possibility of further extension. The first payment for those who arrived is made partly in cash at the airport, partly is credited to the account opened by them, then it receives 6 monthly payments; -Free Hebrew language courses (Ulpan); -employment centers for repatriates, where they provide professional job search assistance; -help with education and much more

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    Additional services

    Нострификация документов об образованииNostrification of the documents
    Registration of departure for permanent residence
    Searching of the documents


    State Migration Service of Ukraine
    State Tax Service of Ukraine
    Ministry of Justice of Ukraine
    State Archival Service of Ukraine
    Ministry of Aliyah and Integration of Israel
    Ministry of Interior of Israel

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